A Guide to the Ever More Popular Carton Boxes


Folding Carton Boxes is popular with manufacturers because they save space and allow for easy shipping. They offer many benefits over traditional packaging methods. Cartons are manufactured using multiple layers of materials to ensure they are long lasting and sturdy. This is a less expensive method than wrapping, which must be done every time the box is opened and closed. A box could take weeks to open and re-close.

Folding cartons made the wholesale packaging industry what it is today, starting in the late nineteenth century. The method includes folding a carton made from paperboard, laminated with plastic, cut, rounded and then folded once more. Each layer is placed on top of the previous one. A great benefit of using this method is that the product remains consistent size and shape.

These boxes allow for large volume production of products without the concern of the products getting lost along the way. Because the products remain constant, there is no need for extra packing during transit, or having the product opened and inspected by customer service representatives before they leave. Cartons can be large enough to hold several hundred pounds of product, but small enough to be shipped directly from the warehouse.

Large companies often use these boxes to pack their own products, as well as those of their customers. These boxes make it possible for the company to control the product sizes and packaging and still have plenty of room. In some instances, the company may need to have a large number of cartons ready to go in order to meet the demand. Having a consistent supply of cartons is much easier than having to reorder and can save the company money on excess stock.

When a business owner uses larger carton packaging, it can also benefit them because they will not have to worry about sending out the same order twice. By purchasing from a company who already has a consistent supply of boxes, there is no worry about having to find extra boxes that have the exact product sizes. It can take up to a year to ship all of a company’s inventory, and with consistent product sizes, this wait is greatly reduced. Folding cartons are an excellent way for businesses to conserve energy and time.

There are many uses for folding carton boxes and it only seems to be growing in popularity. With new technology and methods of shipping, the need for smaller boxes is quickly fading. The convenience and reliability provided by these boxes make them a great investment for any business. They can be found at most major retailers and office supply stores and can be purchased online for even greater selection.

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