Ensure Safety of Your Employees by Taking Proper Safety Measures in Florida


In a growing business there are more chances of accidents that can have negative impact on both employees’ and employers’ physical and mental health. Taking proper safety measures are essential to ensure nothing can harm your employees in your working environment.

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Types of Falls and Effects

Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are one of the main reasons for workers’ personal injuries at workplace. Any spilled material rugs, poor lighting, tripping over the cables, can be the cause for an unexpected fall that results in head or spinal injury, broken bones etc.,

A good housekeeping and proper maintaining of floor surfaces can prevent these types of accidents due to slip and fall. On the other hand, employees should also be aware of their working environment. They should report of any hazardous situations that may cause a slip.


Improper maintenance of machines is also the cause for accidents. Sometimes the body parts get struck and results in crushed limbs. Any machine that may cause dangerous effect should be safeguarded and proper training should be given to the workers. Proper clothing and footwear should also be given to workers.


When there are vehicles involved in the working environment, there is a high chance of accidents that may be caused by the vehicles. These accidents may also be fatal. The employee may get injured or even killed by being struck by vehicle, or may fall or run over by vehicles.

In these cases, measures should be taken taking into consideration, who is at risk and how these accidents occur more frequently. Care should be taken in layout designing, limiting the speed and the like.


Unexpected fires are possible in the workplace where there is a poorly maintained gas lines, open flames, improper storage of explosive materials. These kinds of accidents cause dangerous burns, damage to the lungs. Fatal accidents may also occur.

To avoid or lessen these kinds of accidents, there should be a clear evacuation plan and in case of emergency there should be an effective alert system.


Overexertion is the main reason for costly workplace injuries. It includes pulling, lifting, carrying heavy objects. When done in improper way or manually without any assistance, may cause damage to body parts.

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