Experience the Joy of Snorkelling with Seals


Explore the coast of Australia is a great adventure, there is so much to see, and the waters host all kinds of wonderful wildlife. Once you have finished your boat trip and you are ready for something a little different, why not grab a snorkel and go exploring below? Several reputable companies around NSW run seal swimming trips for anyone interested.


You will always have fun swimming with seals. They are such curious creatures, and they like to play with anyone who enters the water. Narooma seal swimming is a popular trip, and many tourists book an excursion because they want to enjoy a few hours in the water with the seals. The moment you get close to a colony, they will dart over to suss you out. It is amazing to see how good seals are at swimming as they zip through the water with effortless speed and agility.


As mentioned, seal lions are great swimmers, but to truly appreciated how quick they are, you must get in the water with them. Once you have your swimming goggles on, you get a better look at how they move underwater. Research suggests that some seals can reach a top speed of up to 40kmph. Some of the greatest Olympians have never swum faster than 20kmph. It is a thrill in itself to sit back and watch these creatures whip back and forth through the ocean.

Playful Fighting

Seals love to play, and you will notice this when you observe them in their natural habitat. If they are not resting offshore, they usually play fight in the sea. You will get dizzy watching them wrestle and go after each other in a high-speed chase.


Sea lions are fun to watch in the ocean and they are great at performing acrobatics. They like to breach and dive out of the air, catching everyone’s attention. They are great at doing flips because of the speed they generate while swimming. Once they reach their maximum speed, they breach the surface and disappear back down into the ocean.

If you have never been snorkelling with seals, now is the time to do so. You will have so much fun watching them swim and play around in the water. If you bring a good underwater camera, you will get lots of great pictures as they are curious mammals who like to pose for their visitors.

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