Managing The Noise Levels In A Busy Office Space


When designing an office that will be loud with lots of people, you must ensure you do everything possible to control the noise levels. You can do various things to help reduce the noise and make it a more comfortable working environment for your employees, boosting productivity. It is much harder to do things retrospectively, so it is best to implement solutions in the design of the office. Below are some things you can do with your office space to help you manage noise levels and create a comfortable working environment.

Choose Your Flooring Material Carefully

A popular option for the flooring of many offices is vinyl, laminate, or other hard flooring materials. However, you must be careful with these flooring options as they can significantly increase the noise and echo in spaces. To help you control the noise levels in your office better, you should use a softer flooring material, such as carpet or carpet tiles. They will require more maintenance than other options, but they will absorb sound waves and help reduce the overall noise level of your office.

Absorb Sound With Your Ceiling

Another option that will help you manage noise levels effectively is installing a sound-absorbing ceiling. You can install a suspended ceiling and use Armstrong ceiling tiles from their acoustic range to help absorb sound. Another benefit of having a suspended ceiling is that it allows you to hide cables and ducts, making your office look much cleaner and tidier. You can also install acoustic pods that hang down from the ceiling and help absorb sound, which is suitable for large open spaces with high ceilings.

Divide The Space

There is nothing to absorb the sound waves when you have one large open space, so you should consider using office partitions and dividers to absorb sound. Many options are available, with glass partitions allowing plenty of natural light through and double and triple-glazed options having excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. There are also other options, such as cost-effective drywall partitions, and you can also have additional insulation added to them. Adding partitions or office dividers to your space will significantly affect the noise levels.

Include Lots Of Plants

Another way to help manage noise levels in a busy office is by having many potted plants that absorb sound. They also help to make a space look fantastic and give it a more organic feel. Studies have also shown they benefit employees in other ways, such as boosted activity, better health and well-being, reduced stress, and higher concentration rates. Use plants in your office space, and they will do much more than look nice.

Cover Your Walls

You can also find that noise levels and echo increase in spaces when nothing is on the walls. Consider using textured wallpaper to help absorb sound waves and hang artwork, posters, or whiteboards in the space, which are also effective at helping to control noise. Creatively using the walls in your office can also make it look more welcoming and comfortable for your employees.

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