The advantages of Antique Slots


You may be the kind that loves to collect vintage cars, or perhaps vintage clothing. Why don’t you purchase antique slots for any classic feel and look? You will find a great choice of antique slots at Slots USA or Alison novelties. There’s a variety in cost, with respect to the make and age the model. Antique slots may cost between $1,500 to $2,400. Search for mixers are fully refurbished and operational. Some have as much as 400 moving parts and many antique slots are 100% mechanical.

A popular model one of the wide array of antique slots may be the 1948 Gold Nugget having a cherry wood exterior, a gold plated letters and vibrant symbols. The shiny handle pulls easily and goes to another time. You will find a top quality model for around $1,800.

One other popular model may be the War Bald eagle, also similar to the 1940s. Like the majority of antique slots, it features a shiny, chrome surface, however the War Bald eagle is made to look similar to a warplane with red embellishment and dial-like figures. There’s a vibrant bald eagle around the front in addition to brightly colored symbols.

For any more feminine look, try the Rainbow model, with multi-colored areas going vertically lower the leading from the machine. This really is better than most of the other chrome-dominated antique slots, and it is priced reasonably at $1,500. The buttons are rainbow-colored along with the figures. This colorful machine is unquestionably a discussion piece.

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