Things You Can do to Make Your Online Time a Healthier Experience


Most people spend time online, but how much of that time is healthy and how much of your online activities take you away from spending time with your family? It can be hard to pull yourself away from tech these days, especially so when you try it with the kids so, here are some things that you can all do together and make the most of your online time;

Everyone can get involved

The great thing about the era that we are living in is that nearly everything you could want, apart from the actual physical experience is online, even places like museums have online virtual tours for you and your family to travel through and explore the different exhibits. Who would have thought that would be something to do, even a few years ago, here are some other cool things you can do to make your online time healthier;

Google Virtual Tours

The virtual tours feature is awesome, you can choose almost any famous landmark in the world that you would like to visit and talk with your family about what you already know, then see if you are correct. The most awesome thing is that you will all learn new facts that you might not have been aware of before. In the event you are going through a separation, a family solicitor in Parramatta can help take the stress out of the proceedings.

Online book time

Some companies have come up with an innovative way to make reading more fun and although there isn’t anything quite like the feel of a real hardback the online alternative is fun and certainly something that you should experience. There are free online books and videos including games and activities.

Social Media Parties

Some of the top social media platforms offer party features so that you and your family, or friends can join each other in a ‘watch party’ and all watch the same videos together. This can be great fun, if you all share a similar sense of humour or interests, if not, then it can be a great opportunity to learn more about each other and your interests. It might even open your mind a little and encourage the use of things like adult content filters.

Netflix party

Everyone loves a bit of Netflix, don’t they? Well, most people unless they’ve already watched everything in the massive library of content. You can choose to watch a series together or a movie that suits your taste, you could even watch a documentary and all learn something new.  

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