Why you should start using a trading journal


A trading journal is the sole property of a trader and contains the rules and regulations of the trading process. You will include your trading strategies in it and maintain the business accordingly. Therefore, you will have a decent chance of managing the trades. It is possible to maintain the money management and trading plans efficiently with a solid trading journal. The most important benefit of having a trading journal is a scope of developing the trading edge. If you have your rules written down and improve the strategies from there, it will help you to be efficient with the improvements. Therefore, you have a good chance of managing decent profit potentials from the trades. The rookie traders may have less interest in the trading journals but they need to increase interest in it.

To motivate them to keep records for a trading journal, this article will provide some ideas. We will help improve your trading skills with a journal. Moreover, you will also get the knowledge of important aspects of a trading approach. So, focus while you are reading this article. If you have any defect in the trading plans, spend time on it and develop a secured strategy. Thus, you can improve the trading quality and can manage profit potentials from the trades.

Establish a money management plan

The money management plan is very important for a trader. When you are in the Forex trading marketplace, it is more important to control the investment. As the liquidity of the markets is very high, you will not get enough chances to ensure profit margins. The majority of the trades will return potential losses. That is why a simple risk exposure is needed for the trades. You need to invest a small amount of money in the trades. With a trading journal, you must be consistent with the investment. This way, it is safe to trade in Forex. As you will execute small lot sizes, there will be less pressure on the equity. So, your trading mind will also stay less distracted.

So, you must improve a solid money management plan with decent risk exposure. Instead of investing too much money for big profits, you must aim long trades which can provide big profit potentials.

Develop the trading process for Forex

Along with the money management program, a trader also needs to develop a trading plan. It will help with the control of the trades so, you will have a greater chance of timing the trades precisely. Therefore, stop-loss and take-profit can be utilized for securing a trade. You may lose a position but stop-loss will protect your investment. On the other hand, you can also prevent a winnable trade from losing money with the take-profit. So, an efficient trading plan is needed to execute trades in Forex. This should be written a trading journal. With technical and fundamental analysis, you must develop your market analysis skills. Include the strategies in your journal too.

Use the demo trading account to improve your trading edge. Unless you are satisfied with a strategy, keep practicing different ideas. Eventually, you can manage a decent profit margin from an established trading process.

Consider simple yet effective strategies

For many rookie traders, big profit potentials are alluring. But, you cannot dream too much about profits because it ruins the trading quality. Many traders aim high and forget to maintain a decent trading plan. Thus, they lose a good sum of money from the trades account. Using big trading mistakes like overtrading and micromanagement, they try to achieve big goals. But, none of them are appropriate for a reputed trading business. Some even try to make big profits from big lots. It is not a good idea to invest too much money in the trades too.

In Forex, you need to maintain decency with your trading plan. Most importantly, you need to develop your trading journal based on simple yet effective trading plans.

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